Food #gardening in mini greenhouses

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The weather here in Melbourne is bleak and blustery, but we had a few minutes of sunshine earlier on so I raced out with my trusty phone to take these:

The pictures show the mini greenhouses I bought from Bunnings. They come in a flat pack -shiver- but everything fits together quite easily for a change, including the clear plastic ‘cover’ that fits over the frame. The covers go all the way to the floor [but do not ‘seal’ completely]. Access to the inside is via heavy duty zips.

I was skeptical, at first, but I quickly noticed that the interior of the greenhouses is noticeably warmer than the outside air, and visibility is usually low due to condensation on the plastic. I’m not sure how the plants will go in summer conditions, but at the moment I’m only watering a tiny bit, once every 2 weeks or so.


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A Pattern of Creativity: An Interview with Knitter and Musician Lucy Hague

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Very creative and beautiful color mixes used.


When it comes to creativity, Lucy Hague applies it to everything. Not only does she knit her own intricate designs, she plays in several bands. We had to learn more about this prolific artist’s motivation and approach to her work.

Knitting and music! How do these creative pursuits inform one another?

I moved to Edinburgh to complete a degree in music technology — this involved studies in acoustics, mathematics, web design, and coding. I fell into knitwear design by accident! I’d always been interested in sewing and knitting, but just as something to play around with. Just after graduating from university, knitting had a rebirth with sites like Knitty and Ravelry gaining in popularity, changing the way knitters accessed (and created) patterns.

The work I’m doing now could not exist without Ravelry — they provide an excellent platform for selling PDF patterns, and they’ve created a vast community where people…

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