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The Ghost Flower of Oakland County

cks free shipEXPLORE OAKLAND COUNTY NATURE. Get out and feel great and explore the little things that nature has to offer! See the photos and visit their website for more stunning photos and information. “Jonathan Schechter is the Nature Education Writer for Oakland County Government and blogs weekly about nature’s way, trails, and wildlife on the Wilder Side of Oakland County.” Hope you enjoy the visit and get out in the woods and explore.


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Indian Pipe (Monotopra uniflora) is emerging in the moist woodlands of the wilder side of Oakland County. Recently its growth has been accelerated by rains and warmth. Ghost Flower is another common name for this strange and beautiful plant that has a near total lack of pigmentation. Its ghostly, waxy white coloration leads some to call it the “Corpse Plant.”

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Camping in Oakland County Michigan

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Oakland County has some wonderful camping sites.  In Metro-Detroit it’s so easy to go set up your site and still get to work and return to the wonderful outdoors environment.  Just imagine the fresh air and the breeze running through the trees.  The children out playing .  Maybe you would like to catch some shut-eye or go fishing for dinner.  

There is so much to offer at theese great parks so check out there site now and see which campsite fits into your needs and sit back and relax either close to home or from out of state you will be so happy you did.  

Michigan is full of trees and you are never further than 15 minutes from a lake.  There is so much to offer for fun I recommend also visiting their website for more information on upcoming events and locations.

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 Camping in Oakland County

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